A total of 82 nurses including newly graduated nurses from Solomon Islands National University (SINU), as well as the Atoifi College of nursing have started their twelve months supervised training programs (also known as internships), starting this week.

Early this week, the 82 nurses who had signed up for the program officially began their internships. More than 60 recent SINU & Atoifi College nursing grads will begin their internships later this year.

As part of their internship, participants will be evaluated on their clinical performance and will be exposed to different departments and programs that lead to overall health care delivery. They will only be granted Registered Nurse status if they successfully complete the internship program.

Mr. Michael Larui, the National Director of Nursing (NDoN), stressed the importance of nurses in the maintenance of health and a healthy lifestyle during the opening of the internship program.

Health care teams rely heavily on nurses, who play a vital role in health promotion, illness prevention, and treatment. “Nurses play a crucial role in promoting health and disease prevention in their communities since they are the closest health professionals to the people they serve.

“Nurses are sometimes the only public servants available to serve the people in rural and isolated places. As a result, nurses play an important role in the delivery of health care, as indicated by Mr. Larui.

However, Mr. Larui also pointed out that there are concerns and obstacles that need to be addressed in order to improve the care provided by nurses.

There are several areas that need to be addressed, including absenteeism, tardiness to work, and smartness at work. “Mr. Larui emphasized the need for improved leadership, motivation of nurses, and the preservation of nursing professionalism.

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