According to the government, Tanzania is a safe tourist destination. This has been made feasible by the elimination of restrictions on both domestic and international tourist sites.

Pindi Chana, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, made the vow at the start of the annual tourism expo on Friday. She stated that after the global COVID-19 pandemic is over, Tanzania will be ready to welcome guests from all around the world.

Dr. Chana’s address was read on her behalf by Mashimba Ndaki, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries. “The presence of this fair is obvious evidence that the tourism industry is booming,” she declared in front of a large gathering of exhibitors and visitors at the Magereza fairgrounds. The minister acknowledged that the COVID-19 outbreak had caused havoc in the country’s tourism economy, but stated that it is on the mend.

Tourists dropped from more than 1.5 million in 2019 to just over 620,000 during the pandemic’s peak in 2020. There were 922,997 visitors to places of interest last year, with a large proportion of them being domestic tourists.

According to Dr. Chana, tourism has returned to the East African Community (EAC), where it is an important economic sector.

The number of visitors this year has not been made public due to the government’s continuous objective of five million tourists by 2025.

The three-day Karibu Fair/Kilifair tourist event drew 400 exhibitors from across the country and abroad. Among the industry sources covered are tour operators, hotels, lodges, airlines, travel brokers, tourism boards, and conservation organizations.

According to the minister, the expo would boost tourism by drawing more international visitors. On the other hand, Dr. Chana encouraged Tanzanians to visit the country’s most prominent tourist sites.

She claims that domestic tourism increased from 562,549 in 2020 to 782,933 in 2017. According to Rahim Bhaloo of the Zanzibar Tourism Board, the Isles and Tanzania as a whole are now ready to welcome international visitors.

“The safety and security of both guests and current facilities are ensured,” he said, mentioning Zanzibar’s tourism police force. Dominic Shoo, CEO of Kilifair Promotion Company in Moshi, predicts that at least 8,000 people will attend the Expo. PrecisionAir and Ethiopian Airlines are among the companies and organizations that have contributed to the event’s success.

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