The US Agency for International Development (USAID) collaborated with COVAX and produced the covid-19 pediatric vaccines of Pfizer to Nepal and Mongolia. This is in furtherance of President Biden’s plan of donating Covid-19 vaccines to nations across the world. 

President Biden revealed this plan during the second Global Summit which was held in May and included pediatric doses and booster shots as well to improve the vaccination rates around the world and facilitate pediatric vaccination. 

USAID encourages countries to vaccinate high-risk populations such as immunocompromised people, the elderly and health workers first. Since vaccines are now readily available in most of the U.S, USAID aims to expand the same to other countries. 

By increasing pediatric vaccination, countries can improve acceptance of Covid vaccines, community acceptance and vaccination for the older population. 

USAID, in addition to covid vaccines, have pledged to protect kids from any disease that can be prevented by vaccines. 

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