Two vascular surgeons discussed their issues and came up with a solution financed by the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA). It has many uses.

No vascular prosthesis has a thrombogenic artificial vessel wall. A foreign body increases the risk of inflammation in blood channels shunted by standard artificial implants, the doctors said. A faster-healing prosthesis minimizes infection risk and provides prolonged function.

Recurrent procedures showed no ingrowth or contact between the vascular implants and surrounding tissue. Infected or surrounded by serous fluid. Repeated surgeries were needed to remove the prosthetic and perform coronary artery bypass surgery; in certain cases, extremities had to be amputated.

Baltrnas and Pakeviius got roughly EUR 100,000 for their work on an artificial blood artery wall with a thrombogenic outside and anti-thrombogenic inner surface.

We didn’t start with a blank slate. Vascular surgery uses this prosthesis. Doctors wanted to create an exterior thrombogenic layer on the implant to expedite thrombus formation and encourage tissue ingrowth.

Thrombogenic prosthesis are used in open and endovascular therapies for aneurysms and atherosclerosis in peripheral arteries.


Prototype testing used human blood. After blood clots formed, the prosthesis was implanted in mice and rabbits. Due to their sensitivity to extraneous objects, rabbits were used. Immunologists and biological professionals were involved. No hesitation.

The operation required knowledge and understanding. One of the project’s challenges was connecting chemicals to the outside of the present prosthetic without damaging the inner and inducing blood coagulation. Pakeviius said the second challenge was identifying the best blood-clotting chemicals.

Regina Janien, Kazimieras Algirdas Klimaviius, Jonas Mekauskas, and angiosurgeon Mindaugas Pakeviius worked on the project with the Lithuanian Energy Institute and Innovita Project.

Seeking investors.

UAB Baltijos Mediciniai Sprendimai has created a synthetic artery wall with a thrombogenic outer surface.

“The greatest appreciation for the agency is the effective realization of big initiatives for humanity and the possibility to contribute to it,” says Acting Director Saulius Merkys.

The company is seeking Lithuanian and foreign investors to help it expand globally.

The LBSA made this endeavor possible. We want to finish the job with the agency. If needed, larger animals might test the upgraded prosthesis. Future clinical trials will involve healthy individuals. Pakeviius said “significant additional funding” was needed for these phases.

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