The Ghana Health Service reports a steady rise in Covid-19 instances in Greater Accra schools and businesses.

The Director-General of the Service revealed on June 6 that there are 452 current cases.

Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye said there have been no serious cases or deaths since early March.

“We’ve documented 162k instances. 2,455,610 tests have been retrieved. We’ve lost 1,445 cases, but no one to covid since March. No serious or serious instances mean the vaccination is working. GAR’s average daily Covid-19 instances rose from 1.3 in April to 13.3 in May to 44 in June 2022. He indicated on June 8 that 18.1% of the incidence is among youngsters (0-15).

He advised Ghanaians to be safe.

“It’s in schools and the workplace, but we all go home, so it spills into the community. Our case management teams are on alert for any need for treatment and intensified monitoring in places like schools. Masks aren’t required, but we must protect ourselves.


Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye says Ghana has 5 cases in 3 districts.

We’ve examined 12 probable cases in Ghana since May 24, 2022, since the epidemic in Europe. We’ve verified 5 instances in Eastern, Western, and Greater Accra.

One example was a Ghanaian who travelled to the U.S.

Ghana can test for monkeypox.

No one has died. Monkeypox is incurable. Cases are usually moderate. We’re tracking and following up on all verified instances. Monkeypox is testable. Noguchi, the National Public Reference Lab, and Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research accomplish this. Nobody is sick. We’ll keep watching to identify and isolate all instances.

A H3 epidemic

Ghana is also suffering an Influenza A H3 epidemic, said Dr. Kuma-Aboagye.

Ghana has an Influenza A H3 epidemic. Ghana monitors respiratory pathogens in 16 areas. In epidemic investigations, respiratory illness clusters are tested. Our healthcare system isn’t overloaded. All illnesses may strain the health system, particularly if Covid-19 spreads.

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