“The COVID-19 Daily Status Report will reflect more than 9,600 newly reported cases (PCR positive and antigen-positive combined). Please be advised this number includes a backlog of cases that were not previously reported by a large laboratory. The majority of these are from January 2022 during the peak of the Omicron surge. When accounting for the backlog of positive test results, the number of recent case reports and PCR percent positive is consistent with the previous week’s report and does not indicate a true increase in case numbers or percent positivity.”

One caution here seems to be that, while publishing the incidence rate based on these additional instances would give a skewed picture of the present state of the pandemic, it also suggests that the epidemic in January was worse than previously thought.

The case rate is displayed on Cobb & Douglas Public Health’s home page, however, it is not continuously updated.

Cobb County’s COVID data are updated more regularly on the CDC’s County View page for Cobb County. The data comes from the Georgia Department of Public Health, but it’s presented in a much more user-friendly format than the GDPH’s enormous website. The number of cases, occurrence rate per 100,000 of population, admissions, deaths, and the amount of change from the previous 7-day interval may all be found on this page. Data on screening and immunization rates are also included.

Every afternoon at about 3 p.m., the Georgia Department of Public Health issues a daily progress update on the pandemic. It’s a detailed study with statewide and county-level statistics and charts, as well as age divisions, racial demographics, and immunization and testing information.

It isn’t the most user-friendly system, but if you want the most up-to-date statewide and local statistics on COVID-19, it’s worth taking the effort to learn how to do it.

A Hospital Bed and Ventilator Use analysis with online maps gives an overview of how much the epidemic is impacting hospital systems in the context of ER visits, hospital bed availability, and ventilator usage. Cobb County is located in Region N on the map, which is grouped by hospital region.

A Georgia Medical Facility Patient Census can be used to find out what proportion of cases in Georgia hospitals were admitted for COVID-19 against all other reasons. It also gives statistics by state and healthcare region.

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