In spite of the fact that Gabon has indeed been stricken off from the WHO’s list of high-risk nations and therefore no longer faces any restrictions on its freedom, the coronavirus remains active in the country. According to the current data released by the copil-coronavirus, this is the case. A positive incidence of 2.1 percent has emerged in recent days, with 28 new instances of COVID found out of 1343 testing.

The 28 additional instances revealed in this report raise the overall number of active contaminations to 36. Note that there are 19 instances in Estuaire, 1 case in Ngounié, and 8 cases in Ogooué-Maritime, all of which are spread among three provinces. As far as we know, there are no more current instances of covid-19 in the other provinces, which are still green on the map.

According to the latest Copil-Coronavirus epidemiological point, Gabon registered 47,650 positive cases out of 1,596,724 tests, which including 36 active cases and 47,310 recoveries as well as 304 fatalities, according to the epidemiology. As a reminder, the barrier measures in place to guard against Covid-19 must always be respected and used.

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