Health Minister Brigitte Bourgignon indicated on Wednesday that France would implement steps to avoid damage to public hospitals ahead of a challenging summer (8 June).

The statement was made during the Paris Congress of Emergencies (8-10 June).

“The summer will be challenging,” Bourguignon informed healthcare staff before conceding a “serious possibility of a breakdown in treatment.”

More than 120 emergency services have closed or reduced capacity owing to personnel shortages, Samu-Urgences de France (SUdF) announced in May.

The COVID-19 epidemic and sacking of 15,000 health professionals who opposed vaccinations compounded the shortages. Those left unsatisfied with substandard earnings and cost-cutting protested in French cities on Tuesday (7 June).

The recently appointed minister went on record saying: “The government is taking its responsibility seriously.”

The administration “agreed to restart the doubling of overtime pay for non-medical personnel and increased working hours for physicians.”

Regional health authorities will “remobilize territorial crisis management and coordinating structures for the public, private, and ambulatory sectors.”

Healthcare retirees who “volunteer” to return to work might “combine their pension and job income.”

Bourgignon stated the Braun mission’s ideas would shortly finish these “initial steps.”

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