The national legislation of Bulgaria stipulates that Covid-19 vaccines are to be administered in accordance with the approval of the European Medicines Agency. 

Therefore, the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria requested an opinion from the European Expert Consultative Committee for Immunization Control for administering the second booster dose of mRNA vaccines against Covid-19.

According to a joint statement released by the European Medicines Agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, people over the age of 80 should receive a fourth booster dose of mRNA vaccine due to their weakened immune system, decreased response to vaccination, and increased risk of serious disease. 

Until now the EU-approved product summary did not include administering the fourth dose of mRNA immunization.

Subsequently, national recommendations for Bulgaria will be drafted for the administration of the fourth booster dose of Covid-19 vaccines. This will also determine the population-risk groups which are to be targeted. These recommendations will be published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

The fourth booster dose of vaccines will be effected in the medical offices, the 28 regional health inspections, and health points listed on each district’s Regional Health Inspection web pages. These will also all receive COVID-19 vaccines.

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