The government allocated Rs300 million for a 100-bed hospital in Sector H-11. Construction will begin soon after the Ministry of Finance releases allocated funds, sources said. This facility in Islamabad’s would be well-equipped hospital to support police families

For the first time in 40 years of the Federal Capital Police, any government realised their basic health needs and set up a separate hospital for them and their families.

Dr. Akbar Nasir, Inspector General of Police (Islamabad), confirmed the report, saying the hospital was a priority for police officials and their families. Next, the IGP will establish a high-quality school/college for the children of Federal Capital Police officers.

“Rana Sanaullah and Ehsan Iqbal felt the need for a well-equipped hospital for the Islamabad police and made it a reality,” the IGP said. IGP: “Both ministers took interest in the plan and executed the ICT police’s dreams.”

National Police Hospital: “The hospital will cover the health needs of police officials and their relatives, plus  scanning to analyse unknown and chronic illnesses,” Dr. Akbar Nasir said, adding that different departments will be added gradually.

With the establishment of the hospitals, monthly medical exams will be required for all city police officials. He said hospitals will hire surgeons and medical specialists.

He said the city police have set up special counters for police officials and their relatives distressed with serious illness, particularly heart patients, to facilitate police officials visiting hospitals for their families’ treatments. Officials at the counter will ensure police officers in hospitals get quick service. The IGP wants to provide police officers and their families with the same facilities and services as military hospitals.

He said a DIG will oversee the hospital to boost police morale.

The National Police Hospital will give police and their families pride and ownership, the IGP said.

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