In recent months, food sickness has become more common in Kyrgyzstan. Azamat Imakeyev, the chairman of the DPZiSSES’ Department for Supervision of Food Safety and Prevention of Alimentary Diseases, revealed this at a news conference at the Kabar agency.

Since the beginning of the year, he claims, 51 incidents of food poisoning have been reported, impacting 185 people.

“There were 29 incidents of food poisoning, affecting 154 people, and 21 cases of botulism, affecting 31 people.” Five incidences of mass poisoning occurred, resulting in 117 people being injured. The first mass poisoning of children occurred in April in the Issyk-Kul region during the Alippe Day celebration. At a tea gathering after the holiday, the youngsters were treated to pastries made in Balykchy. The Sakhobat kaimak cake poisoned 56 people in the Osh region lately. Many infractions in terms of product shelf life and storage conditions were discovered throughout the examination “Imakeyev stated.

He claimed that 12 mini-markets and 82 points of sale in Osh were raided as a result of the numerous poisonings.

“The sale of 1,300 cartons of these items has been ceased.” Other items having an expired expiration date were discovered and removed from the market during the operation, totaling about 1 tonne. The department’s head stated, “All seized commodities were liquidated.”

Protocols were written up during the checks, according to Imakeyev, and the materials were handed over to the police in compliance with the Kyrgyz Republic’s Code of Violations.

“Recently, in Suluktu, at toe kyz uzatuu, there was a significant poisoning with 180 guests, and 34 individuals were harmed.” Salads and other mayonnaise-based goods cooked at home were the source of the poisoning. Perishable food became a source of poisoning because the table was set well before the festival. Furthermore, guests may take leftovers home with them, posing a risk of poisoning” He issued a warning.

According to the expert, residents of Kyrgyzstan should follow the basic principles for keeping perishable items.

He also claims that while celebrating their birthdays at the Aura fast food restaurant, Kadamzhay schoolgirls were poisoned by sushi rolls. He added that “five people were poisoned there due to non-compliance with technological conditions for product processing.”

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