In the southern hemisphere, winter approaches with a vaccination campaign against influenza as well as other respiratory illnesses on a desolate hill in the southeast of Peru’s capital amid a recent surge in coronavirus infections that has authorities worried that the nation is on the verge of a fourth wave.

In the southern hemisphere, Tuesday marked the beginning of winter with a vaccination campaign against influenza and other respiratory illnesses on a desolate hill southeast of Lima, in the midst of a recent rise in coronavirus infections in the South American nation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to the demise of more than 213,000 people in Peru and whose accelerated rise in infections in recent weeks has led government experts to fear that the nation is about to enter the fourth wave of infections.

Locals complained, “The temperature is low, it’s terrible, the humidity is increased, making the tiny kids cold, the clothes don’t dry.” The location where the vaccinators completed their work program of inoculating citizens was expected to be one of the most hit by the cold in Lima, according to the meteorological authorities, who also noted that winter officially started on Tuesday.

In the capital, on June 15, temperatures plummeted to the lowest level in 26 years, reaching 8.4 degree celsius. The current average temperature is usually between 12 and 19 degrees in the region. “From June to August, children and the elderly suffer from respiratory diseases. That’s why we vaccinate them against influenza,” nurse María Quispe told The Associated Press. 

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