Five Monkeypox cases in Ghana

Ghana confirms 5 monkeypox cases. Ghana Health Service sources have said that the virus was found in Eastern, Western, and Greater Accra. Since May 24, 2022, GHS Director-General Dr. Patrick Kuma Aboagye has investigated 12 suspected instances.

Europe, the US, and Canada are also facing monkeypox instances. One case was acquired from Ghana by a U.S. traveler.

Even while health experts believe the public’s risk is modest, there are things you can take to lessen it. The CDC, NHS, and WHO recommends:

Avoiding contact with newly afflicted people. In case you’ve touched someone with symptoms make sure you wear a mask.

Changed partners? Use a condom and watch for signs.

Avoid virus-carrying animals, especially sick or dead animals with varied histories, including monkeys, rats, and prairie dogs.

After coming into touch with infected animals or people, wash your hands thoroughly. Soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer are good options.

Care for patients with confirmed or suspected monkeypox should be carried out using PPE.