The Unraveling Mystery: Causes of Raspy Voice after Jogging

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The Unraveling Mystery: Causes of Raspy Voice after Jogging

The Unraveling Mystery: Causes of Raspy Voice after Jogging

A raspy voice after jogging might be common, but what causes it? This comprehensive guide uncovers potential reasons behind the phenomenon and offers practical advice to manage it. Knowing the cause can help you better understand your body and enhance your jogging experience.

Why do we get a raspy voice after jogging?


One of the most common causes of a raspy voice after jogging is dehydration. Our body loses water during jogging due to excessive sweating. This can dehydrate our vocal cords and create a raspy voice. Regular hydration before, during, and after your run can help overcome this

Increased Breathing

Jogging also leads to increased breathing, hence more air passing through the vocal cords. The resulting dryness leads to a raspier-than-normal voice. Using breathing techniques that involve the nose can slowly change this.


Allergies, especially related to pollen or dust, could cause inflammation of the throat, resulting in a raspy voice after jogging. To prevent this, you can avoid jogging in areas with high pollen or dust levels.

Working towards a solution

Regular Hydration

As a preventive measure, always ensure you're well-hydrated before you hit the jogging tracks. Carry a water bottle during your runs, and hydrate yourself steadily.

Using Proper Breathing Techniques

Learning proper breathing techniques can also help prevent the occurrence of a raspy voice after jogging. For instance, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth can reduce dryness caused by increased airflow over the vocal cords.

Consulting a Physician

If you consistently find your voice becoming raspy after jogging, it might be worthwhile to consult a physician. Your condition might highlight underlying issues like asthma or vocal cord abnormalities requiring professional attention.


While a raspy voice after jogging can be primarily linked to dehydration, increased breathing, or allergies, understanding your body's reaction is key. Following the provided practical advice can make a significant difference in your overall jogging experience.

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