All fully immunized tourists visiting Fiji shall no longer have to deliver a pre-arrival negative COVID test prior to entrance, which is already effective from May 1. This change comes in the wake of easing travel of tourists, as well as reducing their expenditures, as per a statement released by the Fiji Govt. According to the reports, this modification shall apply to all tourists entering Fiji by air or sea, who were required to take PCR or RAT tests prior to their arrival.

Though, travellers should note that they shall be required to reserve an in-country pre-Covid-19 RAT test, earlier to arriving Fiji. According to the reports, the tests should be done within 48-72 hrs of arrival. Already Started on May 1, the immunization necessity for entry into the nation has also been extended, and in line with this, the age of 16 years will have to deliver proof of full COVID vaccination earlier to their entry into the nation.

The govt added that needing all travellers aged 16 years and above to show proof of immunization earlier to visits to Fiji shall further benefit in dropping the risk of public transmission of COVID-19 and let the island country tap the tourism marketplace.

The changes are in line with Fiji’s continued effort to support its in-country challenging agenda and wider public surveillance efforts that are intended for the protection of Fijians and tourists alike.

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