According to the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan, the World Health Organization has acquired 190 bags of medical equipment for family doctors to visit patients at home regularly in the Chui region of the country.

The backpacks, according to the government, contain the medical equipment needed to measure blood pressure, blood glucose, haemoglobin, and basic urine tests.

Standard obstetric and pediatric services will be delivered in clinics with the use of pulse oximeters, thermometers, tourniquets, flashlights, and maternity stethoscopes.

A portable CTG gadget for monitoring and documenting the fetal heart rate in pregnant women is also included in the bag’s contents. The backpacks are said to be particularly convenient to carry when visiting patients at their homes or servicing patients who apply to Family Medicine Centers. 

As a pilot project, they were delivered to family doctors in Chui. In addition to the bags, HemCue blood analyzers will be distributed to six Family Medicine Centers for the quick assessment of haemoglobin in the blood of patients with anaemia and crises.

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