Several ExxonMobil Qatar representatives recently visited Qatargas to honor the COVID-19 Taskforce. Qatargas CEO Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani welcomed the group, which was led by ExxonMobil Qatar President and General Manager Dominic Genetti.

To acknowledge our valued partner Qatargas’ COVID-19 Taskforce for their world-class leadership and response during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as their potential to generate remarkable results despite adversity, I feel great pleasure and satisfaction.” For this reason, Genetti said in a speech at the award ceremony, “We recognise that without the task force’s assistance to safeguard employee and workplace safety, Qatargas could never have maintained its seamless operations or set a leading example for our industry.”

Over the past two years, the personal sacrifices and efforts of so many QatarGas employees have helped the firm become the world’s leading LNG company,” he said. “ExxonMobil Qatar was also included in these efforts, and I want to emphasize how grateful we are for the support we received. Qatargas is a company in which we take great pride and look forward to working closely with in the future.”

The international community, the state of Qatar, and the energy sector faced unprecedented hurdles because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Qatargas’ taskforce implemented strategic thinking and a comprehensive risk management approach during this period of uncertainty to ensure business continuity, safe and reliable operations, and the delivery of vital energy products to countries, communities, businesses, and individuals across the world.

Then he said, “I’d also like to congratulate our COVID-19 Taskforce for their hard work.” However, our company’s management and owners were blown away by their ability to protect their personnel and their families while ensuring business continuity. Despite the pandemic’s numerous challenges, Qatargas was able to maintain a steady delivery rate because of the competency of our task force and entire personnel.”

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