“The Latvian health system does not require a revolution, it needs a wise well-funded development,” stated Health Minister Daniels Pavuts in a May 30 interview with Latvian Television.

‘We have emerged stronger,’ said Pavuts, referring to the Covid epidemic, which has been the largest challenge for Latvian health care in recent years.

Increased medical pay and improved hospital facilities… Construction is occurring at all major hospitals due to the enormous growth taking place. As a result of Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, the next couple of years will be extremely tough.”

Pavuts said that the healthcare system needs to be developed in a rational and well-funded manner.

Queues and medication availability need to be improved first and foremost.” The health care must become more human, centered on patient-doctor interaction, the protection of patients’ rights, and the interaction between patients and physicians. Of course, there’s a big digitization in the background” said the minister. 

According to Pavuts, the state “cannot surprise anyone” by stating that healthcare financing is needed, despite the fact that the amount of money needed is quite significant.

“In all serious nations, financing is rising and health-care spending is increasing. Currently, no country has a simple budget for the next several years, and we are not alone in this regard. Even during the pre-election period, the [budget] debates would be quite contentious”, Pavuts indicated.

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