The treatment of kidney illness has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks for the Ethiopian healthcare system as well as for individual patients.

Those in Ethiopia who require renal dialysis now have a glimmer of hope, as they will no longer be forced to shoulder the tremendous financial burden associated with their medical care.

The new dialysis centre at Menelik II Hospital located in Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital, was officially opened on Monday.

About 30 machines are housed in the brand new facility. It is estimated that it will have around 90 machines once it is fully functional, however, the time horizon for this endeavour is uncertain.

According to authorities, the capacity of the public health institution to provide kidney treatment is predicted to rise by a factor of five as a result of the addition of the new renal dialysis centre.

It is also predicted that it would make it easier financially for many individuals who have been unable to receive kidney dialysis therapy due to the high expense of the procedure.

The launch of the centre was featured prominently in the news articles published by state-owned media. The event was attended by both the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed and the Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe.

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