The Health Board’s weekly prognosis predicts fewer coronavirus hospitalizations and new cases.

Monday, 94 persons were hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms, a 15% decline from the previous week.

Last week, 822 high-risk groups tested positive. Team examined 9,793 tests.

“Over-60 COVID-19 cases fell 15%. Fewer cases and a new testing procedure cause the decline.” Juta Varjas, Health Board infectious disease expert.

Varjas says ‘R’ has a 0.89 infection rate.

Coronavirus transmission is rare in Estonia. Last week, three Americans were hospitalized with coronavirus.

This week, 47-96-year-old died. Unvaccinated: 5

85 hospital admissions are expected this week.

302 of 1,490 vaccines were first doses. 63.7% of Estonians have two vaccinations.

More than half of wastewater samples exceed the yellow threshold for SARS-CoV-2. Jgeva, Kärdla, and Laagri were below Pltsamaa, Paldiski, Valga, and Paide.

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