Covid passports in the United Kingdom do not have an expiration date in Mallorca.

For UK visitors arriving in Mallorca, some checks will still be in place.

According to today’s Official State Gazette, Spain will no longer require health checks for visitors from the European Union or Schengen Treaty countries (BOE).

Non-EU or Schengen-associated countries, including the United Kingdom, will continue to be subject to controls such as taking a temperature and a documentary check.

The Directorate General of Public Health of the Ministry of Health issued a resolution today outlining the health controls that will be implemented at all points of entry into Spain, whether by air or sea, to limit the spread of Covid-19 infections.

As a result of this resolution, controls for non-EU or Schengen travellers will be maintained, including taking their temperature, a documentary check, and a visual examination of their physical condition.

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