On Saturday, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population revealed exceptional measures for the seasonal Hajj for Muslims to guarantee the safety and health of the country’s pilgrims.

Twelve medical infirmaries were set up to assist pilgrims, according to Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the ministry’s public relations officer. In addition, he said nine infirmaries in Meccan hotels accommodating Egyptian visitors and three infirmaries in Madinah are equipped to provide medical and healing services.

At a conference held at the Princess Fatima Center for Medical and Vocational Education with partners of the medical assignment, Amr Kandil, the chief of the preventive medicine sector and chief of the medical mission for Hajj, said this.

Kandil added that the operation was aided by seven tons of pharmaceutical and medical stockpiles. A 24-hour emergency room was set up to monitor Egyptian pilgrims’ health situation, track their drug and supply proportions, and deliver them to infirmaries.

Kandil further stated that the mission will offer therapy to anyone that asks for it whether Egyptian or not, as well as offering day-to-day sensitization teachings at the residence of pilgrims and handing out scholarly flyers to them.

The health criteria for each pilgrim use verified QR Code credentials showing Covid vaccination status from one of the vaccination hubs across the country. 

Pilgrims may undergo PCR tests at the Ministry of Health and Population’s main laboratories 72 hours prior to their journey to confirm they don’t have COVID-19.

Each pilgrim is subjected to a slew of health criteria, including a medical credential from the ministry stating they are disease-free and a vaccination certificate against polio and meningitis. Pilgrim vaccination services are available in all governorates, explained Kandil.

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