The Egyptian health ministry’s director of communicable diseases, Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar, said on Monday that monkeypox is unlikely to spread like the coronavirus.

The Minister stated that the government is fully aware of the state and public fear of monkeypox, coming on the heels of the coronavirus epidemic, noting that this condition should not lead to hasty judgments based on pure dread of infection.

In a phone conversation with CBC’s channel, Abdel-Ghaffar stated that scientific research verifies that monkeypox is a disease that was originally spread by animals. The disease is transmitted from human to human via direct contact with fluids and sprays that come into direct touch with the secretions of pimples that are present in sick patients.

The disease’s genome is composed of DNA, not RNA, so the risk of it changing is low, and the research done on cases has shown that there was no type of change. Thus, the chance of infection moving from human to human is low.

According to the ministry, monkeypox is a viral infection of animal origin that occurs mostly in Western and Central Africa’s forest regions.

Scientists have been researching it for many years, and the symptoms of this illness include swollen lymph nodes, rash, and a fever that might lead to a variety of medical problems.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population has stated on numerous occasions that as of now there are no positive cases of monkeypox in the country.

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