Allowing travelers extra time to fill out the COVID-19 online entry form before they leave Israel has been amended. The Israel Entry Form can now be completed 10 days before to a flight or cruise to Israel or a land border crossing by foreign travellers. The online entry statement form required to be completed and submitted 48 hours before to arrival for air travelers. People entering the country must present a valid form of identification to border guards. Here is Israel’s application to join.

Restrictions imposed by COVID-19 remain in place for most of the time.

No longer do businesses have to follow the Homegrown Green Pass policy of requiring customers to show their pass before entering public areas or participating in publicly accessible activities. In order to verify their immunization or recovery status, Israelis can still make use of the Green Pass. You can learn more about who is eligible for a Green Pass, as well as how to apply for one.

COVID Certificates are issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health to confirm immunization or recovery from COVID-19. People from other countries who match the criteria for obtaining a COVID Certificate can apply. See more information about COVID Certificates.

People in Israel who have COVID-19 or are instructed to do so by a doctor or health official must isolate. Isolation requirements for the home are here.

Individual towns in Israel use a four-tiered “Traffic Light Model” to implement COVID-19 recommendations. Additional information on the Traffic Light Model, including local council COVID-19 rules, can be found here.

Restrictions on Travel

COVID-19 travel restrictions are assigned to countries on a red-orange-yellow color scale by Israel. It’s orange all over the world now. To learn more about nation colors and travel restrictions, please click here.

Visitors to Israel are welcome regardless of whether or not they have received the COVID-19 vaccine or have recovered from the effects of the vaccine. In order to enter Israel, foreign nationals must have a health insurance plan that covers COVID-19 therapy, except for Ukrainians.

Travelers with COVID-19 or who are in isolation cannot leave Israel and may face penalties if they go to an airport or land border crossing.

Information on visiting Israel can be found here.

In the event of an outbreak, authorities may reimpose or modify any restrictions.


Obey the rules. Health and safety rules must be obeyed. Ensure that all business and travel arrangements are in order. COVID-19 symptoms may elicit additional examination and travel delays. Consult reliable sources for updates and advice. Prepare for any additional disruptions or limitations that may be imposed in the future.

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