An electronic gadget with the power to inactivate the coronavirus and all its primary mutants in aerosol in an indoor setting is helping to combat the spread of the pandemic. 

The device called E4Shield is a product of Elettronica Group (which specializes in electronic guard systems) in collaboration with Lendlease (an urban regeneration and real estate firm).

The device was exhibited at the Milano Innovation District. It is unique in the sense that it can be programmed to fight future disease outbreaks. The idea for the product started with the hypothesis that electromagnetic waves can inhibit pathogenic viral load – as supported by multiple scientific publications. 

E4Shield is made entirely in Italy and can be fitted in schools, public transport, and lifts. Speaking about the product, the CEO and president of Elettronica Spa, Enzo Benigni said, “E4Shield is a one-of-a-kind system our Group is using to translate our specialty in the military division to the waiting general public. We anticipate our innovative technology will help in future infection management in the post-covid era. 

“The cooperation with the Sacco hospital, the Scientific Department of Celio Military Polyclinic, the Virostatics lab, and most especially Lendlease, our lead partner were crucial in the developmental process,” Benigni said. 

Also, Lendlease’s Head of Italy and Continental Europe, Andrea Ruckstuhl expressed appreciation to all those that contributed to the project. “We are especially honored to show one of the first innovations created, cheers to the Mind Milano Innovation District environment which facilitated the collective advancement of this flagship technology in reaction to the unexpected worldwide challenge.

What is E4Shield in detail?

Following lab tests and experimentations, the E4Shield technology has received SAR and CE certifications and is guarded by patent laws. The aerosol test happened in a Virostatics laboratory and a 90 percent viral inactivation in a closed setting was recorded. 

According to a note from the laboratory, “The foundation of the technology lies on the electromagnetic resonance principle. Since it is universal, the statistics are reproducible in the lab meaning that the technology can come in handy for new viral risks, particularly respiratory bacteria and viruses. The study with Virostatics will go on. 

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