Orange Telecom has joined hands with a Moroccan e-health startup named DabaDoc to launch the Orange Health Platform in the Ivory Coast. 

Orange Sante, as the program is called, is focused on the health infrastructure and ecosystem in Africa and the platform is aimed both at doctors as well as patients. The platform provides different services from appointment booking online, payment for remote consultations, digital medical records, as well as teleconsultations. 

This Orange Sante platform is in partnership with the DabaDoc startup which has a fair amount of investment in it by Orange. According to Orange, DabaDoc has proved its mettle over the last 8 years in the Maghreb region. 

This new venture will address the issue of unequal and limited access to healthcare for Africans. In Africa, the doctor-to-patient ratio is abysmally low, at one to one thousand. 

Orange Sante aims to shore up the medical sector in Africa to equalize the shortage of doctors which is endemic in various health districts. The platform will allow patients in isolated regions to consult specialist doctors of their choice in a remote setting. 

With services starting this summer, the Ivory Coast will be the first sub-Saharan country in Africa to utilize the Orange Sante platform with online appointment bookings. By and by, more features will be added to this innovative platform in 2023. 

This platform will provide member doctors and healthcare professionals with enhanced visibility and management of flow, at the same time allowing them to improve their organizational effectiveness. 

DabaDoc and Orange had signed this partnership back in 2021 which would leverage DabaDoc’s technical prowess with payment solutions being provided by Orange. This will enable the building up of digital solutions which would bring immediate benefits to the patients as well as the entire healthcare ecosystem of Africa. 

Orange Sante’s launch is a part of its strategy to become the foremost digital operator and a vital key player in e-Health in both the Middle East as well as Africa. Other countries in the region will witness the launch of Orange Sante platforms by the year 2023. 

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