Since Thursday, 14 more Dutch citizens have been diagnosed with monkeypox. All males diagnosed with the virus in the Netherlands are sexually active with other men, the RIVM said Tuesday. Last Monday, there were 26 instances, thus the number has doubled in a week.

Some illnesses are linked to a fetish festival in Belgium, Darklands. Anyone may catch monkeypox following intimate contact with a carrier, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Africa’s virus. It’s expanded across Europe in recent weeks. The sickness was initially detected in the Netherlands on May 20.

Infected people may spread the illness to others. Patients may also have fever, migraine, back discomfort, and enlarged lymph nodes. Mild illness might produce consequences. Sometimes it’s lethal.

People who are born before 1974 and raised in the Netherlands may have gotten a smallpox vaccine. Experts say the immunisation can prevent monkeypox.

Whoever tests positive for the illness must be isolated until the symptoms resolve. As a precaution, family members and sex partners will be confined.

They may also be vaccinated against smallpox through the GGD.

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