Due to COVID-19, El Tórax, Honduras’ hospitals are 80% full as the number of cases rise nationwide

The number of patients admitted to COVID-19 at the National Cardiopulmonary Institute (INCP), also known as Hospital del Tórax, has slightly increased.

On Tuesday, June 21, four hospitalized patients were recorded, three of whom were stable and one of whom was very ill, according to the COVID-19 report. There is just one hospitalization quota at the clinic.

Although no deaths were reported, this represents 80% of the hospital occupancy of the specified healthcare facility. They also reported that only a quota of patients was available to be treated in the room.

Additionally, according to the authorities, of the four admissions on this day, 50% of the care is given to women and 50% to males, meaning that there are two admissions for women and two for men. 

The public is urged by the healthcare facility’s health officials to finish the COVID-19 immunization program, get fully vaccinated to prevent the disease’s consequences.

Increase in cases nationwide in Honduras

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, cases have exploded in recent weeks, reaching 6 percent medical occupancy after two months in which no patients with COVID-19 were admitted to the Honduran public hospital network.

According to the most recent Sesal report, there have been 15 documented hospitalizations for the deadly virus, of which three are in severe condition, and two are critical. Yoro, Choluteca, Francisco Morazán, Olancho, and Intibucá are the departments that have seen the highest increase in coronavirus cases.