Patients with diabetes in Kyrgyzstan continue to complain about a lack of vital insulin, despite the fact that they have been told that the drug will not be available until July., news agency.

According to Natalya Dobrynina, the Ministry of Health’s lead non-staff endocrinologist, the drug is in the delivery stage.

At first, it comes in small amounts. Insulin analogues and Actrapid in container form won’t be available until late May. More insulin types are being scheduled for delivery. The first batch of containers will arrive on July 7. Humanitarian aid, including World Health Organization Protaphane and Actrapid, will arrive after June 8, she said.

For the time being, Natalya Dobrynina added, insulin is available to all people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who need large dosages. Doctors chose drugs for the rest of the patients who can take pills temporarily, said the expert.

According to the principal non-staff endocrinologist, the delay in insulin supply was caused by the plant’s own rise in terms and the tender’s failure in February.

Since March, we’ve been writing to international funds and the manufacturing company, and both are looking for a way out. They’ll send a portion of the batch ahead of schedule if everything goes well, she stated.

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