Due to a national supply deficit, doctors’ clinics on front trenches of infant care are being obliged to significantly regulate the amount of baby formula they give out throughout the nation.

NBC News reached out to paediatric and obstetrics and gynaecologist offices in numerous states, who relayed similar stories of frantic parents and guardians asking for specimens and only receiving a little amount.

“We used to be much more willing to give them three, four, or even six trial cans. We no longer have that option “Katherine Isaza, office administrator at KidzCare Pediatric in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the formula scarcity has been especially severe, agreed.

Isaza noted that the office will not really pick and choose which parents it assists, but instead offers Similac and Gerber trial cans at first, initially basis. These cans are typically smaller than those offered in stores.

Dr. Courtney Sauls, a paediatrician at Ascension St. John in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said her clinic hasn’t been stocked in quite some time. They have to be picky as to who gets a sampling, which usually consists of one or two cans of formulae.

A Specialist Dr. Vivek Murthy calls it an emergency and requests parents to use variety of brands when it comes to this scenario.

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