Because there has not been a confirmed case of Monkeypox in the country, this country does not have to immunize its people. On Sunday, Dr. Yogesh Choudhri, a senior advisor to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), stated as much on the radio talkback show. We don’t have any imported cases.

When asked why he wasn’t going to receive the vaccine, he stated it was unnecessary.

If monkeypox was imported, there were whispers around the city that everyone would have to be vaccinated.

The vaccination is only available if the virus is present, according to Dr. Choudhry.

He stated that the country does not have the Monkeypox vaccine.

In his opinion, the vaccine has an 85% success rate in providing protection.

The vaccine is widely available, and people in areas where the virus is present have been vaccinating themselves against it.

As he put it, “Our first line of defense against monkeypox is to cease bringing it into the country.”

Wearing masks and washing hands, as well as keeping a social distance, are all recommended as COVID-19 safety precautions by the health advisor in the Solomon Islands.

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