The primary cause, according to medical authorities behind milder symptoms of COVID, could be government-sponsored vaccination initiatives. While COVID instances are on the rise, doctors indicate that symptoms in recent cases are significantly less severe than in the past.

They believe that massive vaccination initiatives currently underway in the UAE and around the world may be an influence. Residents, according to doctors, should take precautions such as maintaining social distance, practicing hygiene, and wearing masks. This is especially noteworthy given the recent discovery of the virus that causes monkeypox. “Patients are having milder symptoms,” said Dr. Sarla Kumari of the Canadian Specialists Hospital in Dubai. 

Karthikeyan Dakshinamurthy, an internist at DIP’s NMC Royal Hospital, agreed. The number of people who require hospitalization has significantly decreased. The severity of the disease has also decreased as a result of the UAE government’s excellent immunization effort.”

COVID symptoms, according to Dr. Kumari, are similar to influenza. Mild Covid-19 symptoms include a cold, cough, and sore throat, which is similar to viral influenza infections.

“The majority of patients present with a runny nose, bodily discomfort, and fever,” noted Dr. Dakshinamurthy. Coughing and weariness are two other symptoms that some people encounter. In contrast, the incidence of pneumonia and lung diseases is declining.”

According to Dr. Dakshinamurthy, monkeypox is a self-limiting infection. “COVID-19-approved drugs can be utilized in extreme instances,” he stated. “However, no specific antiviral treatment for monkeypox is yet available.”

“We must take the same precautions,” Dr. Kumari added, “if flu symptoms linger, wear a mask, wash your hands, limit crowding, and isolate yourself.” Furthermore, experts encourage residents to properly boil meat items and sanitize them frequently.

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