On Thursday, the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) in Ancash province’s head, Norberto Yamunaque, ruled out monkeypox infections in the region, as international monkeypox occurrences spread across the world.

“To date, no patient treated at a health-care facility in the area has exhibited symptoms of this illness or met the criteria to be classified as a possible case,” he added.

The Ministry of Health, on the other hand, has issued an epidemiological alert in response to a global increase in cases.

He went on to say that all health facilities in Ancash were told of the procedure to be followed if a suspected case is identified.

“Health professionals are well-aware of the treatment and procedures they must follow, as well as how to implement the corresponding reporting mechanism in the face of any symptom, particularly a skin injury that might be comparable to those caused by monkeypox,” Yamunaque added.

As is the case with other professionals consulted on the topic, the official said that this illness’ fatality rate is low and that close physical contact with infected people is necessary to observe a high transmission rate like COVID-19.

According to the president of Diresa Ancash, some of the recommended protocols for controlling the pandemic are also useful in combating other diseases.

As a result, he stressed the necessity of following proper hand washing routines and wearing face masks.

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