Despite the fact that the number of Covid-19 instances has gradually increased over time, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) indicated on Tuesday that no action is planned at this time.

According to HPA’s statistics, the number of instances of Covid-19 has been growing recently, according to an announcement released by the agency on Monday, June 13.

An HPA representative told Sun that they were not going to take any action because there was no public health emergency at the time.

For the time being, the official added that they will continue to watch the situation while striving to reinforce their data.

“It was meant to warn the public to the increase [in the number of cases] and to allow [the public] to take preventative steps by issuing a public advisory ahead of time.”

According to HPA, case numbers can be reduced even before the forthcoming school vacations, but people must take self-protective measures to do so.

The authorities advised people to be more cautious about hygiene and to use masks. They also recommended individuals who had completed both doses to obtain a booster shot, as well as children under the age of 12, get vaccinated right away.

There were 142 cases reported last week. According to HPA, this represents a 60% increase over previous weeks’ numbers.

Furthermore, sample positivity rates are increasing, as is the number of persons hospitalized for treatment.

As a result, if someone exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, HPA must separate them and test them to ensure that the problem does not worsen. If you have signs of sickness or are in a busy environment, the authority recommends wearing a mask.

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 have been told to send contact information to the HPA. They also asked those who have not received all of the necessary doses of COVID-19 immunization to do so as soon as possible.

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