Experts and opponents were shocked by the high statistic, given the number of jabs administered thus far this year.

There is a fine line between readiness and greed.

Denmark spent over 2.4 billion kroner on corona virus vaccinations last year, an amount that is expected to be exceeded in 2022.

State Serum Institute (SSI) has announced that it has agreements in place for 22 million vaccination doses costing 2.8 billion kroner again this year.

As the Corona Crisis in Denmark fades, several experts doubt if such large dosages are necessary.

Wasting public funds?

Only roughly one million pills have been used in Denmark so far in 2022, a long cry from the 22 million doses that are on their way.

“The first thing that comes to me is that it’s lousy business and it’s a very unsatisfactory use of public dollars,” said Jes Sgaard, a professor of health economics at the University of Southern Denmark, to DR Nyheder.

Sgaard supposed that he expects “someone encompassed a decent answer” ready.

Quite a few opposition parties includes question the idea, with at least one accusing Denmark of being selfish in stockpiling so many vaccinations.

The Health Ministry confessed to the Ritzau news agency that it had ordered more vaccinations than were likely needed.

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