The Danish Health Authority said on Tuesday that it will provide vaccinations to individuals who have come in contact with confirmed monkeypox cases.

Bolette Søborg, a senior medical consultant and departmental director with the Health Authority, confirmed the decision to DR.

The decision was necessary after the first occurrence of the disease in Denmark on Monday and a second case was reported early on Tuesday.

“The Danish Health Authority will give vaccination to individuals in direct contact with confirmed cases. Following exposure to the virus, the vaccine will be administered, lowering the risk of severe illness.” Søborg added.

According to the health authority, the vaccine will be supplied by the Danish firm Bavarian Nordic. Although the Bavarian Nordic vaccine is authorized for chickenpox in Denmark, the vaccine is not yet approved for monkeypox.

According to the health agency, it is still safe to use against monkeypox, and only senior doctors with expertise in infectious diseases will be allowed to administer it.

The Ministry of Health and the Health Authority are yet to respond on whether more vaccines will be purchased. Any purchase must get a thumbs up from the ministry.

Denmark’s health authorities don’t believe the virus will spread widely.

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