Two more COVID-19-related deaths have been reported in patients with numerous comorbidities, according to the MoH. Both victims were men, one in his eighties and another just out of high school. COVID took the lives of 3,952 people in the end.

Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease were also present in the deceased. Between June 5 and June 8, 378 more people were found to be COVID-19 carriers.

Since the outbreak began, the virus has infected 163,885 people in the general public. In the community, 158 cases were detected, with seven people being discharged from local public health facilities.

A total of 151,570 people have received rehabilitation and recovery services. In public and private health facilities, 757,415 people were screened. There are currently 157 hospitalized patients, no one in a transitional institution, and 8,200 people are confined at home.

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