Danish Health Minister, Magnus Heunicke, said the government is ready to take action to avoid new lockdowns should there be a resurgence in Covid-19 cases later this year.

According to Heunicke, authorities are currently coming up with numerous strategies for dealing with a Covid resurgence later this year.

“Nobody can say with certainty what it will. It’ll probably be a subvariant, or something entirely new,” he added.

“Therefore, we must generate various possibilities of what we’ll be facing,” he continued.

The health minister added that vaccines will be regarded a significant instrument that authorities will utilize to assist prevent new limitations.

In all cases, elderly people would receive a booster vaccination first, he said.

Denmark is the only EU country that has not imposed any Covid-19 restrictions thus far. Most social and mobility limits were lifted throughout in the early part of spring.

Authorities have also lowered the current pandemic risk appraisal class for Covid-19 to its possible lowest. That means hospitals and other health sectors are now less alarmed.

Although the situation has improved, diseases caused by the virus are still recorded on a regular basis by the country’s national infectious disease control agency, State Serum Institute (SSI).

“There are still pieces of the puzzle that we don’t yet have. Because the illness assaults us with new variants on a daily basis, there are things we still don’t know about it,” Heunicke said.

After the summer, infection rates are expected to rise again, but third or fourth doses of a Covid-19 vaccination would not be given to the general public at this time.

In April, Denmark announced the cancellation of its national Covid-19 immunization program.

“We have to be certain that it’s the appropriate moment (to react),” Heunicke added.

Before going on vacation for the summer, the parliament is expected to finish procedures for a national response to various possibilities. Consequently, the political parties will be concerned in their completion.

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