Taking into account the increasing incidences of the Monkeypox virus in Europe and elsewhere, where the toll has reached 219 cases as of today, the ministry of health in Cyprus has invoked a series of protocols to help it manage the illness. 

  • Covering the management procedure as well as document the number of confirmed cases. 
  • The Epidemiological Supervision Unit and other services will have to record cases on the basis of laid out procedures for health. 
  • Give a definition to the procedure of transferring of suspected cases to the hospitals. 
  • The General Hospital designated for this round of protocol is Nicosia General Hospital.
  • Starting the activities and processes for developing testing methodologies for lab tests of Monkeypox. 
  • Reaching an agreement with overseas laboratories for immediate sample dispatch. 
  • There will be a joint procurement for the purpose of purchasing vaccines. 
  • There will be a joint procurement for buying other relevant medicines. 
  • Ways and protocols for managing suspected cases will be implemented at the different entry points to the republic. 

Finally, one point to note is that based on the data available in Cyprus, the inherent danger of Monkeypox in the general population is low. This is because the illness it precipitates is mild and dies not transmit easily from one person to another. As of today, there were no recorded cases in Cyprus. 

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