The Cyprus Health Minister actively sought for suggestion from members of the scientific team on the usage of face masks inside buildings. He also asked if the policy against Covid-19 should be dropped.

The abolition of the necessary indoor face mask is being placed underneath the scanner by the scientific team, with the majority of them backing such a possibility, allowing the planet the chance, after struggling from a two-year epidemic, to return to normal.

According to CNA, there is a group of scientific team specialists who claim that this should not be adopted now, as the scenario is dynamic and that no one knows what’ll happen next with the pandemic.

Minister Of health, Michalis Hadjipantelas would then communicate the epidemiologists’ suggestions to the council before debating on the subject.

The spokesperson of the Health Ministry of Cyprus, Constantinos Athanasiou revealed that the Minister of Health had directly sought the opinion of the scientific team as to if the coronavirus situation in the country  stable is stable enough to do away with face masks. 

The scientific committee will revert their suggestion by noon next Tuesday after it gets reviewed by the Health Ministry. 

“Signs are pointing towards the abolition of the mask mandate, save for sites considered at danger, such as clinics, nursing homes as well as other places where the presence of people belonging to sensitive categories gather,” said Athanasiou.

Other anti-Covid-19 provisions were softened as of Monday, including a rise in the entire capacity in retail establishments, shopping malls, and offices providing public services from 100% to 85% for premises measuring approximately 500 square metres.

It is currently no longer obligatory to display a Safe Pass in public locations except for trips closed areas, nursing homes, clinics, outpatient medical institutions as well as diagnostic centers. 

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