At a meeting in Beirut Jorge Leon, with the Cuban Ambassador, Maurice Nohra, president of the Lebanon-Cuba Friendship Association, highly praised the potency of Cuba’s homegrown vaccines to protect against the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Nohra endorsed Cuba’s fight to come back to the new normal despite the intense hostile policy laid out by the USA, and highly praised the control of the pandemic and the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Nohra also endorsed the support of Cuba in the fight for the end of the economic, financial, and commercial blockade imposed by the US for more than 60 years.

At the meeting, the Association’s president criticized the administration policy of the US to exclude Cuba from the Summit of the Americas which was held the last week in Los Angeles. This meeting was a positive step toward building a stronger rapport between the Friendship Association and the Cuban Embassy in Beirut. It also strengthened the united fight against US imperialism.

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