For these graduates of the first class of s from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), it meant going outside of the academic and professional realms, as well as the chance to share it with graduates from 25 countries. 

“Everyone benefits from this experience from a social and human aspect,” according to Prensa Latina, “enabling the students  to have a perspective that appreciates the shared responsibilities of a nation and to surmount a barrier or hurdle.”

Fagundez became part of the Management Team of Uruguay’s first State-level Specialized Ophthalmological Hospital, which offers comprehensive eye care.

According to specialists, the facility, which was established in 2007 as part of Operation Miracle to address diseases such as cataracts, emphasizes humanized care, with easy access, and offers a high-quality service in each of its locations.

“Thanks to the great help of the Medical Brigade of Cuban colleagues,” she also stated 35,000 patients with new ophthalmological diseases to the more than 100,000 cataract treatments performed since that day.

Other therapeutic needs were identified over time, she said, and glaucoma and retina departments, as well as teaching organizations, were founded, allowing new generations of doctors to be educated here.

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