The first shipment of Croatia’s 23 linear particle accelerators for treatment of cancer treatment is expected in 2023 as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), while the remaining will be delivered the following year according to the ministry of health.

Once received, the linear accelerators will be sent to the following hospitals; Zadar’s general hospital, the KB Dubrava in Zagreb, Rijeka and Osijek, the KBC hospitals in Split, Sestre milosrdnice Zagreb, and the KBC hospitals in Zagreb.

Subsequently, the country will spend a further €97 million to integrate radiotherapy equipment into the national network to guarantee a detailed database on radiotherapy resources required for the treatment for patients. 

The purchase is likely to start in the second half of this year. 

The provision of 23 linear particle accelerators will enable Croatia to reach the EU average of five accelerators per one million inhabitants.

When the twenty-three linear particle accelerators are provided, Croatia will have the ability to match the EU standard of five accelerators per one million people.

The goal appears in the nation’s strategic plan for the treatment of cancer, embraced to narrow cancer treatment in Croatia’s cancer patients. 

The new machines will phase out the old ones. 

Every year, nearly 13,500 people die of cancer in Croatia while 25,000 are diagnosed with severe diseases. 

In men, the dominant cancers are rectal, colon, lung, and prostate tumors. That of women includes ovarian, colon, lung, and breast tumors.

Twitter: The first shipment of Croatia’s 23 linear particle accelerators for cancer treatment is expected by 2023, while the rest will be delivered in 2024.

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