According to the anti-COVID crisis center’s report to TASS, there were 18,365,879 COVID-19 cases across Russia on Monday, up 3,774 from the previous day.

The economy’s relative growth increased by 0.02 percent year on year. Only 1,470 people were admitted to hospitals in Russia yesterday, a 9.2 percent decrease from the previous day. Hospitalizations decreased in 46 districts while increasing in 32 districts. Nothing changed in seven cases. On the previous day, 1,618 people were taken to hospitals.

According to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, COVID-19 cases in Moscow have increased by 226 since the previous day, from 290 to 2,772,881. The previous day, there were 1,531,820 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in St. Petersburg, an increase of 212 cases over the previous day.

COVID-19 recovery

According to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, there were 4,297 more COVID-19 recoveries in Russia on Thursday than the previous day.

A staggering 96.8 percent of patients have been released from the hospital. 4.737 people were discharged from the hospital the day before.

Death toll from COVID-19

According to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, there have been 379,813 deaths in Russia as a result of COVID-19 since last Thursday.

The day before, 79 people had died as a result of COVID-19. According to the crisis center, the average death rate was 2.07 percent.

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