Dehydration is a situation when you have fewer fluids in your body than you take in. This is a very serious problem during summer. When the water content in your body decreases it leads to disruption in the number of required minerals inside the body, which ultimately affects proper functioning. 

The Ministry of Health’s Collective Prevention Service (CPS) is issuing recommendations to the public to minimize sun exposure and to drink plenty of water. In addition to the weather, your physical activity, diet and a lot of other factors can contribute to dehydration. 

Certain groups are more prone to dehydration, these include infants and babies due to their low weight which makes them sensitive to any kind of water loss. Older people are also at risk along with athletes and people with pre-existing health conditions.  

Some signs of dehydration include dry mouth, thirst feeling, lightheaded, strong-smelling urine, and tiredness. Babies will have a sunken soft spot on their heads if they are dehydrated, or they could also have lesser tears or will only wet fewer diapers. 

CPS recommends drinking lots of water and to visit a physician if your child is dehydrated. 

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