Iran’s Health Minister Bahram Einollahi announced on Saturday that the country is prepared to export COVID-19 vaccines to other countries and has already delivered its first shipment to Venezuela, according to IRNA. During a news conference in Ardebil, the north-western province’s capital city, Einollahi made this claim.

“Vaccines were designed to protect people against diseases such as polio, tetanus, and diphtheria,” he said. “COVID-19 vaccines are already being manufactured in Iran, with a total of four million doses available for export to other countries.” According to Einollahi, the country now has 400,000 doses.

The Iranian health minister added that it is a great privilege for his country, which was formerly required to import COVID-19 vaccines, to now have the capability to export them, thus demonstrating the Islamic Republic’s strength in all areas. Einollahi said Iran can also manufacture vaccines for other viral diseases in addition to COVID-19.

The minister went on to praise the country’s efforts to control the deadly coronavirus, noting that single-digit coronavirus deaths have been recorded for quite some time now. The epidemic of monkey-pox in the world was also mentioned, with no cases having been found in the country.

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