Coronavirus- In Nicaragua, 19 illnesses are on the decline, with four new illnesses recorded on average each day. That’s only 3% of the maximum, which occurred on October 12, when the greatest per day average was noticed.

Since the start of the epidemic, the country has had 14,538 illnesses and 239 coronavirus-related fatalities.


So far, Nicaragua has given out a minimum of 10,561,352 dosages of Corona vaccination. If each citizen needs 2 doses, that would be enough to protect 80.7 percent of the nation’s people.

Nicaragua provided an average of 8,410 shots per day over the past week reviewed. At that rate, administering sufficient shots for the rest ten percent of the populace will take another 156 days.


As COVID-19 cases spread over the world, many governments responded by closing schools, businesses, and international crossings in try to stop the virus from spreading further.

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