The Department of Health announced on Sunday that the additional booster dose, or fourth dose, will be administered, depending on vaccination supplies.

They stated that a minimum of four months must pass from the application of the third dose to be vaccinated with the fourth component, both in the nation and overseas.

The appropriate amount is intended for people aged 5 and up, according to the body and cause. Pediatric Pfizer would be used for kids ages 5 to 11 years old; Pfizer will be used for teenagers aged 12 to 17, as well as expectant adolescents aged 12 weeks and up, and the other systems will be utilised for persons aged 18 and up.

Similarly, children and teenagers must be escorted by one of their parents or guardians, who must present their identification card, a copy of their birth records or household book, or, in the event of a guardianship or temporary parent, a duplicate of the judicial decision. If the affiliation is not supported by a birth certificate or other document, the mature partner should sign an affidavit certifying the connection or degree of relation.

The time between the first and second doses has to be three or four weeks, depending on the device, after the administration of the first dose.

Youth ages 12 to 17 who have had the preceding two applications with a 4-month gap between them, as well as pregnant women from 12 weeks of pregnancy, may get the supplement with Pfizer.

Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, or Moderna will be given to all those who received CoronaVac, Covaxin, Sinopharm, HayatVax, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, or Moderna, with a minimum gap of 4 months. Those who qualified for Janssen will receive Pfizer or Moderna with a 3 minimum gap.

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