Following the COVID-19 viral outbreak, several areas of the Cayman Islands were placed on lockdown. The territory’s authorities have now announced that they’ll be extending the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 through at least the end of this month.

Local guidelines

Individuals must use protective masks in indoor public areas if they are unable to maintain social distancing protocol. Except for offices, education centers, churches, healthcare institutions, and shelters, most gatherings should be limited to 750 individuals.

Guidelines for international tourists

PCR and antigen tests are required for all passengers aged five years or older who arrive in the Cayman Islands after June 2022. All visitors must obtain permission to enter the territory via Travel Cayman before leaving. Unvaccinated travellers must apply at least five days before departing, while those who have been vaccinated must do so no less than 72 hours ahead of their date of travel.

The CDC recommends that only those who have been fully vaccinated and their children under the age of 11 years need not go to quarantine facilities. However, unvaccinated visitors must quarantine for a minimum duration of seven days upon arrival, while people must self-isolate at a government-approved facility. Individuals who have had all of their vaccination shots must take a daily antigen test if they want to venture out during the family members’ isolation time. Those allowed to isolate at a private home must wear an ankle monitor to be tracked by GPS.

The CDC notes that the forthcoming season may be unpredictable, and that authorities can impose new restrictions on a case-by-case basis, with little to no notice.

General guidelines

Observe all current regulations carefully. Comply with health and safety standards in your home country. Re-check all travel details before embarking on the journey.

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