The situation along the Covid, from Italy to San Marino, has been steadily improving. The results of the most recent poll, which took place a week ago Friday, have been validated by the data shown on the dashboard of the International Space Station (ISS). There were 22 new cases reported during the weekend, but there were 83 total cases throughout the week that spanned from May 23rd to May 29th, and 127 persons were recovered over that same week. At this moment, there are 119 active positives contributing to the total. The number of patients admitted to the hospital drops to three, yet critical care is not affected. A total of 116 individuals were observed while they were alone in their homes. After 115 people had died, the counting was halted.

On the front of anti-Covid vaccination, a total of 70,784 serums have been delivered. During the course of the previous week, there was not a single vaccination administered. In all, 81.74 percent of those who were eligible to get vaccinations did so and finished the main immunization cycle. 19,984 individuals were given the booster, which is equivalent to 66.01 percent of the population.

During this time, Italy is making progress toward the end of the emergency situation and coming closer and closer to normalcy. We are getting closer and closer to the time when the most recent containment measures that have been put into place will no longer be in effect. Beginning on June 1st, it will no longer be required to show the Green Pass in order to travel to Europe. On June 15, we should no longer be required to wear a mask while entering movie theatres or using public transportation. This change should take effect immediately. On the same day, the requirement that people over the age of 50, those working in law enforcement, and people employed in schools get vaccinations will no longer be enforced.

When looking at the statistics from the last 24 hours, there have been 7,537 new illnesses and 62 people who have succumbed to the disease. The percentage of people who test positive for HIV has dropped to 9.4 percent, and the number of patients admitted to hospitals requiring critical care has also decreased.

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